hiit workout at home

hiit workout at home

the exercises of the HIIT program is designed for 15-20 minutes and the result is more than an hour and a half of training in the gym. How does it work?

Our muscles are made up of fast and slow fibers. Fast fibers have great strength, but get tired quickly, slow fibers, on the contrary, are weaker, but more resistant. During a high aerobic load, fast muscle fibers are activated, which receive energy from the oxidation of glucose. In periods of low intensity, slow fibers work and fats oxidize.

Therefore, the body alternately releases energy from carbohydrates and fats, and also consumes glycogen stores. The metabolism “speeds up”. Additionally, excess calories are burned during recovery intervals. This is due to the fat burning effect of interval fitness.

Which exercises are suitable for beginners?

What does HIIT fitness include? The same loads suitable for any other workout. Only the format and intensity of the workouts change.

HIIT workout is often chosen by busy people who find it difficult to set aside several hours a week to go to the gym. Fitness training can also be done at home, bodyweight exercises are great for this:

    * Skip squats.

Squat as deep as possible, jump as high as possible. In the starting position, almost do not linger.

    * Push-ups on one hand.

The initial pose is a plank. Push up 10 times to the right, then 10 times to the left. A lighter version of the exercise for women is push-ups with the knees bent.

    * Sprint with jumps in place.

Position: feet wider than shoulders, arms bent at the elbows and looking forward. Sit down and start “running” in place, touching your socks as quickly as possible.


Is 20 minutes of HIIT enough?

In an ideal world, we would all have at least one hour of free time each day – for ourselves, for recreation, or even for regular training. It is a ritual for exercise: move from the routine, leave the house to go to the park or go to the gym on foot. And motivation not to be lazy on the sofa, but to take care of your health.

Now things are a little different. But this isolation time should be used to create healthy habits. And HIIT workouts are perfect for that – you don’t need an hour a day or special equipment to burn fat and build muscle. MedAboutMe is a High Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIT) program that can be performed anywhere, especially at home. Proven by scientists: these 20 minutes will change any body!

Ideal for the home, that’s why
These high intensity interval training programs have been around for a long time. But scientists have only caught the attention of scientists in the last decade and found full approval!

HIIT workouts are not a brand or company name. In Russian, HIIT is sometimes used – high intensity interval training. They are perfect for any place and especially for the home.

You don’t need fancy equipment or special inventory. Everything is based on the acceleration of the heartbeat and works with the weight of your body.

Do you want to spend 20 minutes at home with an excellent result for the body? Find out what an effective workout looks like!

The best coaches suggest following the formula of 30 seconds of load and 90 seconds of rest. But don’t think that everything is that simple. For half a minute, you need to perform the exercise as actively as possible, even faster, even stronger! And you need to rest no more than a minute and a half, otherwise the whole effect will be nullified.

Every movement in our program must be done quickly and accurately – it’s worth working on the technique before proceeding.

8-week HIIT program for beginners
The essence of the beginner to advanced complex is to increase the number of heavy loads for the first 4 weeks and reduce the rest period the following month. At the same time, the total training time remains within 15-20 minutes. Rest can be complete or associated with low intensity exercises. For example, the active phase: alternating fast rope jumping with walking in place for relaxation.

Stages of the program:

First: load / rest in the proportion of ¼.
Second: the load increases with respect to rest up to ½.
Third: the rest time is halved: 1/1
Fourth: load / rest is 2/1.

Is HIIT good for losing belly fat?


of the Best Exercise Tips For Losing Belly Fat 


Looking for some of the best exercise tips for losing your belly fat fast? The ones outlined in this article are proven to help you burn calories quickly while reducing abdominal fat in a faster, healthier way. Give them a try and see what happens…

1. Sprint your way to less tummy fat

High-intensity interval training (aka HIIT) is a proven belly fat buster and a great way to get rid of your “muffin top” more quickly. Studies show that people who add intervals to their workouts burn fat much faster than those who don’t. You want to alternate about 8 seconds of high-intensity exercise with short “active recovery” rest periods (usually 12-30 seconds long)
Increase your calorie burn and fat loss. You can include brief spurts of higher-intensity exercise into almost any activity, making this one of the finest ideas for reducing belly fat quickly!

2. Pay attention to muscle as well.

While your primary goal should be to lose belly fat, you should also work on strengthening – or at least “toning” – your muscular tissue. When you build muscle, you raise your metabolism, which causes you to burn fat even while you sleep. You’ll be less concerned about having any additional belly fat if you’re more “toned,” since you’ll still look fantastic. So be sure to incorporate some strength training exercises into your weekly workout routines!

Is it OK to do HIIT everyday?

Is HIIT a good workout? Begin by adding one day of HIIT and progressively adding another. I don’t advocate doing HIIT cardio more than twice a week, especially if you’re doing weights. Unless you are unable to use weights for medical reasons, HIIT can be done more than twice a week. If you’re attempting to bulk up your quadriceps and hams, incorporate HIIT into your leg exercises or you’ll suffer.

How can I lose my stomach fat?

How to remove the stomach – 2 effective ways

If the stomach freezes and the skin lacks elasticity, then it looks really bad. But an unattractive appearance is by no means the main factor indicating that the problem needs to be fixed. Ignoring the problem can cause disturbances in the functioning of internal organs. Is it possible to remove the stomach easily and quickly? Without harm to health and for a long time – of course not! But the following tips will help you get closer to your cherished goal:

    * drink at least two liters of water a day. The norm is calculated approximately, from a proportion of 30 milliliters per kilogram of weight;
    * reduce the volume of portions, try to respect the “dish rule”: half of the meal should be dedicated to vegetables, the rest evenly to complex carbohydrates and proteins, cereals and lean meats;
    * practice those sports that bring maximum satisfaction and do not cause negative emotions and physical discomfort. But you should be careful: excess weight can cause injury during training, as the load on the joints and lower back is significantly increased. Fat people should only engage in a program developed by weight loss experts;
    * abandon bad eating habits: add a lot of salt, cook with a lot of vegetable oil, fat, use semi-finished products regularly;
    * give up all kinds of sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol.

Consider many other ways to reduce the volume of the abdomen.

Method 1. Foods that burn fat
These are types of food rich in useful substances, vitamins, minerals, indispensable for the human body. These include:

dairy products. They increase the level of calcitriol, which is involved in metabolic processes, accelerating it;
Ginger. It is essential for improving metabolism. The stomach is supplied with blood, which contributes to better digestion;
cabbage, cinnamon, cucumbers, water cleanse the body of harmful toxins and toxins;
Hercules and legumes relieve hunger for a long time.
Without the right diet, it will not be possible to achieve a dream figure. All short-term diets have a temporary effect. The following rules do not impose severe restrictions, but they will help debug the diet:

breakfasts should be the most satisfying. In the morning, you can safely eat dairy products, protein products (eggs, cheese, lean meats, cottage cheese), vegetables, fruits. Tea is best to drink green, with the addition of ginger or cinnamon. It is rich in antioxidants that help slow down cell aging, strengthen immunity;
at lunchtime, vegetable soup is ideal. You can also include meat or fish dishes, light salads without mayonnaise (it is recommended to replace it with vegetable oil, Greek yogurt or lemon juice);
you can snack on berry smoothies, fresh juices, fruit, salad, make cottage cheese casserole or cheesecake;
the food eaten during dinner should not burden the stomach. The ideal solution would be vegetable stew, cottage cheese casserole, steamed fish or chicken breast.
It is important that after each meal there is a feeling of satiety, but not of heaviness. Overeating should be avoided, as it can cause stomach upset, slow metabolism and reduce the effectiveness of fighting extra pounds.


Method 2. Exercises

Thinking about how to remove the stomach after 30, 40 or 50 years for a very young woman or girl, many people realize that they cannot do without exercise. But how to properly organize the training course? Of course, it is better to consult a specialist. Not all exercises are allowed for women after childbirth or caesarean section, people with back pain, osteochondrosis should be especially careful. Consider the simplest and most accessible set of exercises for many:

    * “scissors”. The bottom press is perfectly formed when a person lies on the floor, stretching their arms along the torso. Next, the legs should be raised, raising and advancing the legs 30 times. It is recommended to perform 3 approaches;
    * “mountaineer”. Photos on the Internet will help to take the correct starting position of the body. You should take the accent while lying down, then tear one leg off the floor and advance the knee towards the breastbone. Repeat the same with the other leg. You need to do 3 of these sets of 20 repetitions;
    * “to twist”. The loin must not detach from the floor surface. Put your hands behind your head, bend your legs. On exhalation, the gluteal muscles and forearm area need to be torn off the floor so that the upper back rises. 3 sets, 30 repetitions will strengthen the muscles of the problem area even after giving birth to a nursing mother. This exercise will help remove fat not only from the abdomen, but also from the chest.
      Physical exercises are really effective in the fight against extra pounds. However, to be completely sure that they do not lead to negative consequences, it is worthwhile to be observed by professionals in slimming centers, combining them with the principles of proper nutrition.

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