Hack squat simulator

front squat machine

front squat machine

Hack squat in the simulator

The hack-machine gained great popularity as soon as the nomination for “bikini fitness” came into fashion. A number of coaches even write that it is not possible to make healthy buttocks without a squat in a gakka. But stubborn kinesiologists insist that people squat without machines long enough until the technique gets up. Is it really impossible for beginners to squat in a hack and what is the trick to this common exercise?

Technique of execution

Technique of execution

Initial position

1 Stand on the platform of the machine in a comfortable position for a regular squat. It should be possible to bring the knees in line with the toes to the sides and lower the pelvis if you squat, pressing the back against the back;
2In addition, the back is emphasized on the back, the levers rest on the shoulders. It is necessary to activate the press by pulling it inwards a little, but not completely eliminating the natural deflection of the spine;
3The head rests on the pillow with the back of the head, the shoulders are under the levers, the limiters are removed with the hands.


1 It is necessary to begin to sag due to flexion of the knee joint;
2 The movement continues until you can bend the knee and feel comfortable;
3 Someone squats in parallel, someone lower, depending on the condition of the hip and knee joints. If there is no discomfort in them, the heels do not come off 4 4 during the movement, there is no reason not to sit in full width;
5 During the movement, the hands hold the handles;
6 From the lowest point, you should smoothly straighten your legs at the knee and hip joints, then rise to the starting position;
7 The number of repetitions is determined by the plan, the athlete, if possible, should perform all repetitions with the same technique.

1The breadth and technique strongly depend on the athlete’s anthropometry. People with a long thigh and a short shin are not recommended to squat back-to-back in the Gakkai machine. They can do this in front of their back, pulling the pelvis back forcefully to avoid injury to the knee joint. These people should ideally have a barbell squat technique before doing any bodybuilding variations. The ability to control the body with the muscles and the complete exclusion of the overloads of the spine is required;

Initial position
2You can pierce your feet in various ways, but all of this is for those who use relatively light weights in training and a healthy approach. Any positioning of the feet will affect the ligaments of the knee joint and could contribute to their injury if this setting is not natural for a person. Determining the natural is simple: you have to jump from a stand or bench and watch;
3It is also important how an athlete can squat with a barbell. If the width of the joints does not allow you to sit with a movable bullet so that the pelvis is below the knees, perhaps this movement should not yet be performed.
4It is not recommended to tear the back from the back of the simulator;
-You should not bend strongly in the lower back;
-It will be better if the heels also do not move and come off during the exercise.


-The center of gravity should be in the center of the arch of the foot, the athlete during the exercise does not move on the toes and does not change the position of the body, trying to lean forward. If this happens, you should change the exercise, this push is not quite suitable for achieving the desired training effect.
Stop setting and load
The high, narrow position of the feet transfers the load to the biceps of the thighs and buttocks, but only people who have a thigh the same length as the lower leg can safely afford to squat in this position. If you don’t belong to them, you should be more careful in the selection of exercises. It is better to take the option with your back to the room and not to the back of the simulator;

“Sumo” allows you to shift the load on the medial heads of the quadriceps, but in most cases the adductors are also included in this technique;
The anatomical position distributes the load between the quadriceps and biceps of the disorder relatively evenly.
Which muscles work
The main drivers here are the quadriceps and hamstrings. With a good range of motion, the buttocks are included. The calf and soleus also work in this variation of the squat. It is a mistake to think that the squat in Gakkai is for beginners. A normal person with an office job does not have the necessary mobility in the ankles and arctic

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