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stronger fitness

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How to Build Muscle and Get Stronger fitness

Everyone wishes they were stronger, looked better, and felt better. The only problem is that most of us don’t know how to do it without the assistance of a personal trainer or fitness professional, which may be costly. This article will teach you the fundamentals you’ll need to start building muscle, getting stronger, and changing your lifestyle. The first thing you’ll need to do is take the initiative and get started. Invest in a gym membership; if you can’t afford one, I’ll also offer you with a sample routine you can perform at home to get you started.

The most important thing to remember is that your personal fitness and well-being are 90% dependent on what you eat, that’s right, your nutrition. Any bodybuilder will tell you that 90 percent of their gains in the gym are directly related to what they eat. Taking a look at either the American or Canadian food guides is an excellent approach to obtain a general idea of what you should be eating.

bodyweight squats

Let’s get down to business. Many people’s initial thought is, “How can I grow stronger?” Progressive Overload is a simple solution. The steady increase in tension exerted on muscles throughout an exercise regimen is known as progressive overload. When you overload your muscles, you trigger the human body’s natural response, which screams, “Holy cow, we’re not accustomed to this stress; we better become larger and stronger or we won’t be able to stay alive.” This reaction causes your muscles to expand and adapt. If you are a novice, the ideal method to optimize your results while minimizing your possibilities of injury is to begin with a weight that you can perform extremely easily and with perfect form.

The most crucial factor is the quality of your repetitions, not the number of repeats.

Once you’ve begun and feel comfortable with your workouts, it’s time to ramp up the intensity. This involves boosting either your loudness or your load. The weight you use is your load, and the number of repetitions you perform is your volume. Weight training for strength and weight training for muscle are not the same thing. Both will help you, but if you choose to be stronger, your muscular growth will be less than if you worked out to create “beach” muscles, and vice versa.

So, here’s the question. How can we get stronger?, and here is your response. The weight you choose is the key to building your strength. If you want to make HUGE increases in strength while just making modest gains in muscle growth, use a weight that you can perform 4-6 reps with. This intense load, low volume connection promotes muscular growth. The growth of an organ or tissue with the purpose of increasing the size of its cells is known as hypertrophy. In this situation, it is your muscles. Muscle hypertrophy is the most prevalent type of hypertrophy. This happens in our skeletal muscles as a result of strength training. If you chose muscular growth in size above muscle gains in strength,

you would choose a weight that allows you to do 6-12 repetitions. This increases the flow of blood and nutrients into your muscles, providing them with the fuel they require to grow.

Cardio or strength

As mentioned before, for those who are unable to attend the gym, I will present a basic workout that you can perform from the comfort of your own home.

The home workout is;

2 rounds of

– 30 bodyweight squats
– 30 Jumping Jacks
– 30 lunges (15 for each leg)
– 25 sit squats (performed on the balls of your feet)
– 20 push-ups
– 60-second plank hold
– 20 crunches

Remember, this is only a guideline; feel free to substitute an activity you are unable to perform or vary the repetitions to suit your individual fitness level.

I hope everyone loved my post, and I will be back with another one very soon.

Cardio or strength?

There is also an ongoing debate as to which is best: cardio or strength training in the gym. Many still believe that if you eat less and run more, the fat will melt away as if by magic and the body will become toned, embossed and athletic. Is it possible to lose weight and build muscle at the same time? Dear girls, if: starve (consume less than 1200 kcal per day), train hard only in aerobic mode (cardio and fitness),

then your muscles are lost and this is not considered slimming!


Energy for Muscle Work

The skin will become flabby, the body flabby, the cellulite more visible, the hair weak, the nails brittle.
Weakened immunity, because its cells are built from proteins. Enzymes will not be enough, and they are not only involved in digestion: our body produces many substances for its internal needs itself and only with the help of enzymes. Well, the main problem is that the fat burning process will slow down and it will now be even more difficult to get rid of the fat.
Important: any type of training only burns fat. Read more about this in the article “Cardio or Strength Training: The Best Conditions for Fat Burning.

Energy for Muscle Work” So remember: The more cardio, the worse the weight loss. If training in aerobic mode lasts for a long time (a couple of hours, for example), the body begins to lack glucose. But it’s well done, he knows how to make it from amino acids! And it takes and breaks down muscle tissue proteins into amino acids. This is how muscle is lost due to aerobic “marathons”. Read more about cardio in the article at the link 😉 Cardio burns few calories, and unlike strength training, the calorie-burning process stops immediately after cardio.

Yes, yes, a myth that was imposed on us for no reason. If you spend 360 calories a day (that’s an hour of jogging) and eat twice a day, there will be no benefit from running. From abundant cardio, you could start varicose veins, because. with such a load, the pressure on the walls of the vessels in the legs increases significantly. Of course, if you really enjoy running, swimming, and other aerobic activities, then do them for your own pleasure, but be sure to combine them with strength training. ! If you follow the following rules: consume more calories than received; carry out constant adequate physical activity; don’t be stressed,
you will lose fat!

Can you lose weight in the gym?

The whole secret to losing weight is to burn more calories than you take in. There are no more secrets! Indeed, this can be achieved in many ways: however, there is only one healthy path to a beautiful body and well-being. The gym, in addition to spending calories, strength gives us beautiful muscles and a relief body! Whether the gym will help you lose weight is up to you. If you are ready to control the amount of food consumed and not be lazy in training, then definitely yes! There is no panacea and never will be: it is impossible to eat a lot and lose weight at the same time.

The biggest plus of the gym (and remember that sport is first of all equal to health) is safety. For some reason, people practically don’t think about it, it’s always losing weight / pumping in the first place. Everyone wants to be slim and beautiful, nobody wants to be healthy (for now). Obviously, these are suitable people who choose the load and weights that correspond to their physical and strength indicators. If you came to the gym and on the first day, not knowing the technique, you decided to squat 100 kg, the fault is only your naivety.

basic workout

It is nearly impossible to get injured in the gym if you are familiar with the technique, because. on the simulator, your body is fixed and the load goes only on certain muscles. With the participation of simulators, it is much easier to deactivate some muscle groups from training and focus on others, which allows the muscles to rest between sets and you do not waste precious time at rest. Strength training increases muscle strength, density and volume, eg. if somewhere you lack the “meat”, the only way to fix it is the gym.

Power accelerates the anabolic processes in the body, which receives energy from the breakdown of glucose and glycogen and burns fat for about a day after training.

Your well-being will improve dramatically and you will always feel fit and in shape. Power is very necessary for women and girls. In untrained people, periods are difficult and PMS can cause exhaustion and pain. But the longer you train, the less noticeable is the influence of any unfavorable cycle phases on your mood and strength indicators. Adequate and moderate exercise will relieve you from

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