Muscle Repair

Muscle Repair

How to quickly restore muscles after a workout?
Sports activities require a lot of energy. With intense physical exertion, the muscular system undergoes biochemical stress, the consequence of which is muscle pain.
Special recovery programs allow the body to return to normal physical condition.
Regular exercise today is not only a way to maintain health, but also a fashion trend. Someone chooses a gym or a swimming pool, someone trains at home alone. After exercise, fatigue appears, and with it the desire to do nothing. If he succumbs to the mood, the body will not be able to fully relax and prepare for new loads. Professional athletes train on the edge, but proper post-workout recovery helps them stay energetic. We will talk about the characteristics of sleep, physical activity, sports nutrition and methods for muscle adaptation.


Methods for muscle recovery after training


Cracking is caused by micro-tears in the muscles, the accumulation of lactic acid and its metabolites in them. If the muscle fibers are overloaded too much, microdamages turn into sports injuries. To prevent this from happening, you need a personal training program that takes physical abilities into account. Sports activities should be planned, then rehabilitation will be quick.
Muscle recovery methods after training include:
• Gradual slowing down of the pace of sports activities. It is recommended to finish with stretching, walking on a treadmill without active dynamics. In sports, the calm end of a workout is called a hitch. It is aimed at relaxing the muscles, normalizing the rate of breathing, heart rate.
• Cold and hot shower. The procedure accelerates blood circulation and metabolic processes, which makes krepatura minimal. It is best to start with lukewarm water. Next, you need to alternate, gradually raising and lowering the temperature.
• Massage with the use of special means for massage. Painful sensations are most often exposed in the legs, back. The massage will improve hemodynamics and lymphatic drainage in these areas, help relieve muscle fatigue quickly, prevent swelling, enrich tissues with oxygen and speed up lactic acid treatment. No less benefit will bring the independent use of myofascial rollers, massage balls.

Drinking water is important during and after physical activity. How much to drink depends on personal needs. It is desirable to choose natural water – it will help to cope with physical exertion, prevent a violation of the water and electrolyte balance in the body.


Feeding during recovery


After physical exertion, the body gradually recovers. The first phase comes immediately after training. It lasts 30-60 minutes, during which it is necessary to compensate for the lost nutrients. Muscle support requires carbohydrates – you can eat a bar, muesli, nuts, drink herbal tea.

In the second stage, complete regeneration of muscle tissue is completed. How long it lasts depends on the load received and the metabolism. For small muscles, 2 days are enough, for large muscles – 5 days.
In the period from 2 to 5 days:
• tissue regeneration occurs;
• the water-salt balance is normalized;
• increases the digestibility of nutrients received with food;
• starts the synthesis of enzymes, proteins and amino acids.
The stability of these processes depends on proper nutrition.
A healthy diet is a great way to keep fit. The sports menu is based on a competent ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Protein is the building material for muscles and all cells in the body. After training, it is recommended to eat cottage cheese, low-fat fish, eggs.
Carbohydrates are a source of energy. If they are severely limited, the body will begin to “borrow” energy from the muscles. Slow carbohydrates include cereals, grains, legumes, which are best consumed for breakfast. You can not completely exclude fast carbohydrates, otherwise, with intense loads, you can gain a glucose deficiency.
Saturated and unsaturated fats support bone density and hormonal stability. They should be on the menu every day, but in moderation.
Fiber is a regulator of metabolic processes. Vegetables can be eaten for lunch and dinner, fruit can be used as a snack.
You can enrich the diet with the help of specialized products. For example, a series of Nutridrink Compact Protein blends, ready to use.
How much you need to eat – is determined personally – based on your sporting goals. The nutrition of a young man who wants to gain muscle mass is different from the menu of a middle-aged woman who has himself

Muscle Repair Supplements


techniques and exercise routine used, if not more so. In addition to proper rest and healthy foods, certain safe muscle repair supplements can help one greatly increase muscle mass and strength in a short amount of time.

Mechanism of Muscle Growth


Many people mistakenly believe that muscle grow during exercise. In fact, completely the opposite is true. Rigorous exercise, especially resistance training (lifting weights) that take the targeted muscles to fatigue, produces minor tears in the muscles. The ‘pump’ and increase sized immediately following a workout is the result of raised blood flow to the muscle group. Once the muscles reach ‘rest’ phase, the tears are repaired and extra muscle tissue is added to help prevent such tears next time. It is during this rest phase that most of the muscle growth happens.

Phases of Rest

The two most important phases of rest are as follows:

1. Post Workout – This phased begins 30-45 minutes after a workout and lasts until about 2 hours later. During this phase, the body needs higher amounts protein that can be quickly absorbed. The best option for this is whey protein, and protein that is closest to liquid state as it is absorbed faster than the rest. The best liquid whey protein today is Proto-Plasma, while the best protein powder is ON

Gold Standard.

2. During sleep – This is the most important phase for muscle growth. Specifically during deep sleep, one’s body starts heavy repairs on the muscles that were exercised earlier in the day. Do not underestimate how important this phase is! Even if you are only doing light lifting and body weight exercises, using the right supplements for this stage can result in unprecedented growth. Nocturnabol is great supplement for this stage that can help induce deeper sleep, while also providing greater repair stimulants to the body. Stacking (combining) Nocturnabol with some other products such as 1-Androsterone and 4-AD can improve results even further as these supplements stimulate the body to repair and build muscle as quickly as possible.

Side Effects Of Supplements

There are many supplements out there today that can cause many dangerous and embarrassing health conditions ranging from hair loss and acne, all they way to liver damage. Most whey protein drinks, shakes and powders are completely safe for consumption. When it comes to high yield supplements that can greatly increase one’s muscle mass and strength, one has to be more careful.

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